How to Fix “Unfortunately Weather has Stopped Working” Problem?

An app may stop working due to various reasons and this may be different for different devices. On some it may be a hardware problem and some may be software or operating system related problem. Below are some of the main reasons for the unfortunately weather has stopped android error-

Weather app provides the accurate forecasts of weather according to the location you go up to 12 days. It gives the user detailed description of weather of a particular day from sunrise time to sunset, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, etc. It has a simple and refreshing user interface.

Solve Unfortunately Weather has Stopped Working Problem

weather stopped android fix

Android is a very amazing operating system developed by Google that offers many apps and games to users available on its play store. It has captured the mobile operating system market with its friendly user-interface, open source availability and the vast community of developers that works continuously to improve its functionality. Among the millions of apps available at the Android Play Store; Weather is an amazing app that provides a report about the weather conditions and predictions in your area.

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The issue is difficult to solve if you don’t have the proper knowledge on how to fix the issue. And until you fix the issue, your app will stop working and you won’t be able to get any latest weather forecasts. Unfortunately weather widget has stopped working issue have been reported on many Android devices including Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei etc. In this article, we will talk more about this issue and guide you on how to solve

Why does Weather Stopping Issue Occur?

Operating system glitch– Sometimes it occurs that the operating system is not able to access the app files and it crashes. The unfortunately weather has stopped responding error will continue to pop up until you make the app file accessible to the operating system or try reinstalling the app.

Software updates– When you update a software new app files are first downloaded, stored on the memory and installed. But if while updating, some files are corrupted or overwritten, it won’t work properly. This overwriting of files happens when your device has insufficient memory for updates and the operating system deletes the old files when updating. This can lead to “unfortunately weather has stopped working” error.

File corruption– It can also occur that some other app corrupted the files of weather app and the app may stop working. The app whose files have been corrupted or overwritten may not launch wholly or will crash after some time. This error can occur on any device and unfortunately weather has stopped Samsung is also quite common.

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Old Cache files– If you have not cleared the app cache files on your galaxy s7 device for some time then it can also lead to unfortunately weather stopped working galaxy s7.

Insufficient Memory- When you have installed a number of apps on your phone, the OS will assign the memory to each app according to the priority. This will not be a problem if you have less number of apps on your device but if more, the weather app will have the lowest priority and it will lead to the error.

Solutions for Unfortunately Weather has Stopped Issue

It can be quite frustrating when you are using an app and it stops working suddenly. Sometimes the weather app may crash as soon as it is launched, further adding to the frustration and anger. If you want to know how to fix unfortunately weather has stopped issue, below are some methods to solve the issue efficiently.

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Method 1- Clearing app data and cache

Old data and cache files can interfere with the normal functioning of an app so clearing it may solve the issue. Follow the steps below to know how to clear the app cache data-

Step 1: Go to settings and then tap on the “Applications” or “Apps”.

how to solve unfortunately weather has stopped working

Step 2: Find the weather app from the list of apps and Click on the weather app.

Step 3: A new screen will open after you click on the weather app.

Step 4: In the new screen, click on the clear cache and clear data has stopped

Step 5: After the data and cache have been cleared then you can launch the app again.

Clearing data and cache is an effective way to solve the android unfortunately news and weather has stopped working. It not only makes more space and frees memory, but also deletes the old cache files that were hindering the normal functioning of weather app. But if the problem still persists, continue on to the next method to find more solution.

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Method 2-   Reinstalling the app

The next method to solve the weather app issue is by uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it from the Google play store. This is quite common for most of the android devices including the high-end smartphones of Samsung like Galaxy S6, S7, J7, LG, Sony and Huawei devices. If even after clearing the cache and app data your issue still persists, then you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app again to solve unfortunately news and weather has stopped issue.

Step 1: Go to settings and tap on the Application manager option.

unfortunately weather app has stopped-3

Step 2: Find the weather app from the list of apps and click on it.

Step 3: Click on uninstall button on the new screen displayed to delete the app from your device.

weather stopped android fix-4

The Image depicts messenger app. You have to remove the weather app. I have already removed it

This will uninstall the app from your device. You can also uninstall the apps which may be the cause of this error. To reinstall the weather app, continue on to next steps.

Step 4: Now go to Google Play Store and search for the weather app in the search box.

Step 5: Click on the app from the list of results displayed and click on install at the next screen.

Step 6: This will download and install the app.

Many users have confirmed that this method has been effective for them. By uninstalling the app you will delete all data and settings of the app that may have been hindering its normal functioning. After reinstall it will work perfectly fine.

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Method 3- Do a factory data reset

If the above two methods failed to solve the unfortunately weather has stopped responding issue, your last option is to do a factory data reset on your device. This should be the last resort when nothing else works as it will delete all application and device data and settings are formatted. You should backup your data before performing a factory data reset. Follow the steps to know how to perform factory data reset.

Step 1: Go to settings and a new screen will appear displaying a list of options.

Step 2: Click on backup and reset option from the list of options.

how to solve weather issue-5

Step 3: Now on the next screen, tap on factory data reset.

Step 4: Now tap on Reset device on the next screen.

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Step 5: Lastly tap on Erase Everything and it will delete all the data on your device.

solve weather has stopped

Factory data reset deletes all data including app data, cache, settings, media files and contact from your device. This method should only be used as a last resort when other methods don’t work.


Weather app provides you with forecasts of the weather condition in your local area. It also provides you with the weather forecasts for 12 days with a proper description of weather on a particular day. But the unfortunately weather has stopped working error has made it frustrating to use the app. We hope you already solved the issue using this article.

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