[Instant Fix] Unfortunately, Google Play Services has Stopped

You know how irritating it is to get an error on your Android device. I have encountered the same situation many times. Whenever I urgently want to download a new application from the store, Google Play Services keeps stopping issue pops up on the screen. You just can’t install any new apps and sometimes even the existing applications don’t work.

I am sure you have come here because you faced the same problem. You might have done everything in your knowledge to get over this technical menace that tied up your hands. Don’t worry! It’s the accurate place for you.

How to Fix Google Play Services has Stopped Error?

You must know, years of experience and hours of research go into creating this article. So, I appreciate you sharing this article on social media with your friends. Here, you will get multiple solutions for Google Play Services error. Go through each one of them and I am sure your quest will cease at one.

What is Google Play Services?

I am sure most of you don’t know what it is. Owing to the fact that it doesn’t operate on forefront, you may even perceive it as an unwanted item eating the storage space on your device. No, it isn’t!

When you open the app, you see nothing. However, you should know it is the heartbeat of an Android smartphone. Google has incorporated Play Services on every phone for assisting in application update. For example, you couldn’t have received update for Maps periodically without our app in discussion.

In short, Play Services is an API application that makes the communication and updating of application smoother.

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Solve Google Play Services not Working Issue

What are you facing? You can’t get any app to work? Or maybe when you try to update them, you keeps on getting error messages. I know how that feels. And, I am not going to stretch the article further. You will never get Google Play Services for instant apps has stopped error anymore.

Here, you see multiple solutions. Just try doing each of them step by step. Before getting into them, try restarting your device. (In case you found it never worked, proceed to the solutions given below).

Solution 1: Clear Google Play Services Data and Cache

It doesn’t need a techy to know the issue happens due to flaws in Play Services. For the same reason, we are going to treat it. Owing to the months or years of usage, the application accumulated several megabytes of data and cache. We are going to erase them to get a brand-new experience.

unfortunately google play services has stopped fix

  1. First, you have to open Settings. (In case you don’t know how to do it. Check the list of applications. Or, you can just pull down the notifications and tap the gear icon as well).
  2. Then, scroll down a bit to the bottom to find Applications. There you will see one called Google Play Services, select it.
  3. You will see a screen like the image given below. As a person who is having trouble with the services, you need to select Storage from there.
  4. We should delete data and cache. In order to clear data, click on Manage Space. Three options are available there. For most people, the second one is empty. So, you can try hitting Clear all data button on the bottom.
  5. For clearing the cache, go back and touch Clear cache button. There you go.

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Solution 2: Reinstall Google Play Services

Maybe, you haven’t get the previous solution to work that you need another workaround. What about installing the app again? Well, many people have fixed Google services framework has stopped error using this simple technique.

  • You have to deactivate Android device manager first. Go to Settings>> Security>> Device administrators. You can turn it off straight away.
  • Now it’s time for the core step. Follow Settings>> Apps>> Google Play Services.
  • Most probably, you will see a button there labelled Uninstall updates. Hit on it.
  • Now that you have rolled it back to the basic version, you will have to update. Access Play Store, search for Google Play Services and there you have it.

Solution 3: Remove and Add Your Google Account

Most probably, you have overcome the problem by now. In case you haven’t, it is possible for you to fix unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped working error through removing and adding your account yet again.

  1. Go to Settings>> Accounts. You will see all the accounts connected to the device there.
  2. You must choose Google from the list there as we want to remove nothing else.
  3. Tap on the three dots given on the top-right corner. You will get Remove account option there.
  4. Once you tap the same, you will be asked to confirm your decision.
  5. You know for an Android device to function without Play not working problem, you must add a Google account. Right at the moment, your device don’t have any. So, follow the same path (Settings>> Accounts) to add.

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Solution 4: Reset App Preferences

What if all the three solutions I have listed above didn’t work on your device? Don’t worry! We have got a few more to rescue you from the Google Play Services update error.

Here, you are going to reset your app preferences. And, it is no herculean task. Let’s have a look at the steps needed.

gmail is having trouble with google play services

  • As always, you have to open Settings. Scroll down to the bottom to see Apps (or Applications) menu.
  • You will get a list of applications then. No, you shouldn’t open any.
  • What you have to do is tapping on the three dots given on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • There are two options; Show system apps and Reset app preferences. You know which one you must choose. Yeah, the second one.

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Solution 5: Update Your Firmware

I hope you have an internet connection of moderate speed. If you do, not updating your phone’s firmware to the latest version is a sin. In case you don’t have a connection of decent speed, you have to spend sometime in a coffee shop, railway station, or airport (free internet, you know!).

  1. As the primary step to solve Google Play Services keeps crashing, you need to open Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to see System updates menu. The label may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  3. There you go! Tapping on the same will check for latest updates and display if any. Just go on with it.

Solution 6: Reboot to Safe Mode

You can use safe mode to check whether or not any third party application comes in the way of smooth functioning of your device. Yeah, you might have seen this on computer. How can you leverage safe mode to fix Google Play Services? Read on to find out.

unfortunately google play services for instant apps has stopped working

  • You know the power button of the phone, right? It is the one you press to turn on and off the device. You have to press it.
  • As you can see most of the phones show two options on pressing the power button; Power off and Reboot. Touch and hold the power off option.
  • You will see a dialogue box asking whether or not you want to boot into the safe mode. Hit Ok.
  • When the device boots up, check out the device still has the issue. If it hasn’t, you can understand a third party app is causing the problem. You can uninstall recently installed app and it will probably eliminate the problem.

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Solution 7: Factory Reset

We have reached the final answer to the question how to fix Google Play Services for instant apps. Don’t implement this first on your device. In case half a dozen solutions given above don’t come to your rescue, you can move on to this one.

You know what a factory reset does. It brings your phone to the initial out of the box state. Of course, you lose almost all the data (you may sometimes have the option to choose) you fed. For the same reason, you will have to back up all your information using a suitable application.

Let’s have a look at the steps needed for factory reset.


  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom. Most of the manufacturers has kept Backup and reset option below everything.
  2. You get a few options here. Choose Factory data reset.
  3. Some OEMs give you a checkbox to select whether or not the data will be deleted. At the bottom, you can see Reset phone button. That’s what you want.

Final Verdict

You have got more than half a dozen solutions. Did you try implementing any of those on your phone? I recommend you going through each one by one. Moreover, have a look at the storage of your device as well. Keep at least 10% of the internal storage always free to have a smooth Android experience. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. They may also be getting unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped working error messages every now and then.

Google Play Services has Stopped Working Fix
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