How to Solve Waiting for Available Socket Error? ✔

You have ever encountered waiting for available socket error in web browsers, haven’t you? There many reasons behind this error; the most common reason being the overload your one browser tab or window has to bear. Once that happens, your browser starts hanging or lagging and may be showing the error.

Your Chrome browser shows this notice on the bottom-left corner. Moreover, the application does not work well and begins acting weirdly.

Solve Waiting for an Available Socket Problem

waiting for available chrome socket solved

The error also seems like something is preventing a socket connection to your web server, given the overload. It can also arise due to server connection issue. The error here occurs when Chrome allows more than 6 port connections. Waiting for an available socket error chrome also occurs when you have another tab open to the site which is waiting on a .htaccess type password.

Why does Waiting for Available Socket Message Occur?

Point 1 : There are many reasons behind this error, the most common reason is your web browser shows lots of images or camera windows in one web window. Your web browser then starts hanging or lagging and may be showing error such as waiting for an available socket.

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Point 2 : The problem can also occur when a single Google account is linked to many sites. Sometimes, the old extensions become incompatible with the latest Chrome version.

Solutions For Waiting for Available Socket Issue

The error might appear out of nowhere when you use the internet without any issues. All of sudden it happens. It also occurs with many other websites which are linked with You can read this full article to get the best solution for this error. You can first try the solution you are about to get next. Type ‘ chrome://net-internals ‘ and press Enter. To clear all the socket, click on the flush socket pools.

Browser waiting for available socket error occurs in most of the computer system when your web browser has to load tons of multimedia content. Once your web browser get the command to load too many media, it will start to hang or freeze. You can resolve this problem with the help of effective solutions provided in this article. Here we provide step by step solution with images that are easy to use and understandable as compare to other methods provided on the internet.

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Solution 1 : How to Fix Waiting for Available Socket Chrome Error By Force Open Sockets

Step 1: First of all, you have to open web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

chrome error

Step 2: Now click on the address bar.

Step 3: Type ‘ chrome://net-internals ‘ and press Enter. It will load a window as shown below.

waiting for available socket firefox

Step 4: in the drop down menu, click on socket option.

firefox error fix

Step 5: Then to clear all the socket, click on the flush socket pools.

Well, this is the perfect method to fixing the Google Chrome socket error. Just flush out all the sockets and then you can load whatever you want.

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Solution 2: How to Fix Waiting for Available Socket Chrome Error By Clearing your Cookies and Caches

Step 1: First of all you have to open web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Step 2: Click on three dots on the top right of the screen.

Step 3: Then click on Settings option

opera socket error

Step 4: After clicking on the Settings, you see various options in which you have to select history button.

waiting for an available socket mozilla firefoxStep 5: Once the fourth step completed Select Cookies and other site and plugin data’ & ‘Cached images and files.

safari socket waiting error

Step 6: to clear all your browser cookies and data, click on clear button.

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That’s it done, it will clear your google chrome cookies and your cache. It will help you to get rid out of waiting for available socket in chrome error problem.


The easy access to the internet makes our life easy and effortless. The internet plays an important role in our life. Web browser works as a middle man between the internet and users. Sometimes, we encounter waiting for available socket error that badly hinders our surfing experience. It is very frustrating situation for a common user to resolve it. In this article, you learnt about fixing socket waiting problem with full guidance.

Waiting for Available Socket Solution
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