[Quick Fix] Unfortunately TouchWiz Home has Stopped Error

Samsung is a world-renowned company for its Android smartphones and tablets. The company has been making Android smartphone for many years and their devices sit as the crowned rulers in Android market. But users have started experiencing unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped error while using their devices.

Samsung has been closely related to Android since its launch but they don’t use its user interface on their devices. Samsung uses their own TouchWiz user interface specifically created and developed by Samsung for their phones. But recently there has been a surge of the unfortunately Samsung UI has stopped working Note 2 error messages that have annoyed many users.

How to Solve Unfortunately TouchWiz Home has Stopped Working Issue

Samsung has promoted their TouchWiz user interface by saying that it’s better, simple, faster and efficient than other touch user interfaces or launchers but it isn’t so. Not only it uses more resources, it is slower than even the stock android launcher and slows down the device and it gives rise to unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped note 3 error which freezes the phone and you have to close all working applications to make it work again.

TouchWiz or Samsung TouchWiz is a launcher app that lets users a very simple and realistic user interface to operate their devices efficiently. It is available on all Samsung devices whether they are Android or not. But with this error, users have started turning to other launchers after being irritated by this message.

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Users of Galaxy S series and note series have also encountered the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped galaxy s3 on their devices. The reason is simple as it uses more resources than even the stock android launcher and can be very slow in many operations.

Though, unfortunately error is quite common on Android as many apps encounter this error. But in those cases, the application closes immediately and it doesn’t slow down the device. But when TouchWiz home stops working it can freeze the phone for some time. Follow this article if you want to know unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped  Android solution for your Samsung Galaxy device.

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How to Fix Unfortunately TouchWiz has Stopped Issue?

You can clear TouchWiz Home data and cache first for solving the issue. It is very common on Samsung devices that you would encounter the error regardless of the device that you are using. This error has occurred on all Samsung devices from the high-end series like Galaxy S and Note.

But the error frequency may be less in the high-end series than budget series like J series. Though this error won’t leave you till you use Samsung smartphone, you can minimize the frequency of the error so that it doesn’t annoy you as much. Follow the article to know how to fix unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped error on galaxy s4.

  • Clear TouchWiz Home data and Cache

If you have recently installed a major update of the TouchWiz Home, it would be better to clear its old data and cache so that the operating system can adjust to the new update. If you have a large amount of old data and cache accumulated it will not only take up more space but also make the TouchWiz Home less responsive. Follow the steps to clear old data and cache from your device-

  1. Go to settings by clicking on the respective icon from the app drawer.
  2. Now in settings, tap on Application Manager.unfortunately touchwiz has stopped working
  3. Navigate to All Apps tab by swiping to the right.
  4. Scroll down to find the TouchWiz home and tap on it.android app not responding
  5. Now tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons to clear the old data and cache from your device.touchwiz home stopped
  6. Now restart the device and see if the error still persists.

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  • Disable motion and Gestures functions

Motions and Gestures functions have some part in the resources usage of a device, and devices with low specs can cause unavailability of an adequate amount of resources giving rise to unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped Samsung J2.Follow the steps to disable these additional functions and reduce resource usage to make the device faster-

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select Motions and Gestures from the list.touchwiz home frozen
  3. Now disable all the motion and gesture from the list.

If even after the error continues to pop up, you can try next solution.

  • Wipe the cache partition

If the previous solutions have no effect on your unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped note 4 error, then you can also try wiping the cache partition of your device. This method has been known effective for a variety of Samsung devices for various app problems and maybe it can also solve this error. Follow the steps to wipe the cache partition of your device-

  1. Switch of your device by pressing the power button.
  2. Now simultaneously hold the Volume up and power button.
  3. When you see the android screen, release the hold and wait for it to go into recovery mode.touchwiz home not working
  4. In the recovery mode, use volume buttons to select the Wipe Cache Partition option.
  5. Press the power button to select the Wipe Cache partition.samsung galaxy note touchwiz stopped
  6. When the process completes, reboot the device. Now see if it still shows the error or not.
  • Change the Animation Scale

Changing the animation scale of the TouchWiz can also help you eliminate the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped s2 error as it will reduce the memory usage in maintaining high graphics. Follow the steps to reduce the animation scale-

  1. Go to Settings and click on more and then On Device.
  2. Now tap on Software info.
  3. In the new screen, tap on build number for a few time until you get a message that “developer options is enabled”.samsung galaxy s touchwiz home not working
  4. Go back to Settings again and select developer options.
  5. Now change the values of Window Animation Scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  6. Now restart the device and check if the error exists or not.

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  • Perform factory data reset

If you have tried every solution mentioned above and still you encounter unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped s4 error, follow the below steps to perform a factory data reset-

  1. Visit settings and tap on Backup and reset option.
  2. in case, backup my data is not enabled, turn it on to create a new backup of your data.
  3. Now hit on factory Data reset option.solve weather has stopped
  4. Confirm the process by a tap on Reset phone.
  5. Wait for a while for the process to complete and it will reboot your Samsung smartphone.

Why does TouchWiz Home Stop?

Here are various causes for the error you encounter with.

  • Old data and CacheOld data and cache files are the main problem that causes an app to stop working. If you are encountering android error unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped, then it may be because of the old data and cache files.
  • Insufficient system resourcesThe launcher is resource-hungry This can be a problem for devices with low memory and processing capabilities. So you can encounter unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped error on Galaxy J2.
  • Third Party appsIf you have installed a third-party app like launchers, it can cause a conflict with the TouchWiz home launcher and cause it to stop.
  • Faulty WidgetsTouchWiz Home launcher can stop responding or force stop if there are faulty widgets that are conflicting with the TouchWiz Home launcher. They can not only slow down your device but also force stops the launcher. This will result in error message unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped and your phone will stop responding for a few seconds.
  • Insufficient resources for other functionsTouchWiz home can also stop working if it is unable to allocate enough resources for gestures, motions, and other functions. These functions use lots of resources and it the operating system may not be able to allocate sufficient memory to them.


Samsung is one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. Samsung devices come with its own user interface that is TouchWiz. Majority of people use Samsung devices in their day to day life. But recently there has been a surge of the unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped working error messages that have annoyed many users. It is very disheartening and frustrating when your android device keeps displaying this error. Here in this article, we provide some useful information that will help you to fix it.

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Samsung uses an in-house interface for their Android devices, named TouchWiz. What if its goes weird? You can solve unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped problem here.

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