{Quick Fix} Unfortunately, the Package Installer has Stopped Error

While working with your mobile phone; you may sometimes have faced the error showing unfortunately Package Installer has stopped which may further prevent you from accessing the app. We don’t love having an error when we are using our device.

I know how it feels to get an issue right on the screen when you want your device to work flawlessly. That’s why we have got the surefire ways to solve package installer keeps stopping issue. So, are you ready to dive into the solutions? Here you go!

Best Ways to Fix the Error Android Package Installer has Stopped

We have got a few tips to effectively solving this issue and never have it ever again. You can try it out one by one and see which one works the best.

  • Clear out the storage of App

Sometimes the extra burden on the storage of the App may also affect the working capacity; therefore it is always wiser to be clear out the storage of the app which you are getting difficult to access. It is a general problem which mostly struck up with the contacts, gallery and the launcher apps.application installer has stopped errorClearing cache helps you make the phone run faster. Clearing data will erase all the application’s data, files, folders, settings and accounts from your device which are no longer in use. Whenever you are facing error Package Installer has stopped Android Studio, the method of fixing it will remain same throughout.

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Just have a look at the fix for the error given below:

  1. Go to the Settings option of your device.
  2. Now, move forward by selecting the option Applications followed by Application Manager.
  3. Once done with it; now swipe left until you get the option of “All”.
  4. You will find the list of different installed applications on your device; scroll down the list in order to reach the one in which you are finding the problem and then make a click on it.
  5. Once done with it now, click on the Clear data and Clear cache options in order to clear all the stored data on it.
  6. That’s all. Check your app now, it will be working fine.
  • Install an APK Installer from Play Store

If you are facing package installer has stopped error, then the best way to get rid of the problem is to install it from the Google Play Store. Sometimes, your default version of the package installer might not work. That’s why you will need a custom application.

You can follow the steps given below to get a third-party application installer from the Google Play Store.

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  1. First, you need to pick up the phone and open Play Store.
  2. Make a search for the option of APK Installer and then download it in order to enjoy the seamless working of various apps on your device.android app stopped working
  3. On the successful installation of the APK installer on your device; launch it and then click install APKs. It will enable you to make a search for your apps.
  4. Now, search for the option that you are willing to install on your device and then tap on it. It is not always necessary that you can only go install one app at a time; you can go for multiple installing just by ticking on the various applications you wanted to get it on your device.android apk package installer stopped working fix
  5. Once done; now tick on Accept followed by Install button.
  6. On the successful installation of the application on your device; enjoy the seamless working without getting any annoying error message Android, unfortunately, application installer has stopped.

What if you can’t install the application from Play Store? Well, you can just perform a Google search to pick up the APK file for the installer app.

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  • Try to turn your Android handset ON and OFF

If you are not able to access the various apps on your Android handset, your driver package installer has stopped working keeps popping up an error message showing an inability to access various apps; then it is one of the best solutions you can go along with.

Sometimes your apps start running smoothly just by adding a soft reset by restarting your device. It is one of the super simpler ideas which are quite effective. It is always been a good idea to turn your phone OFF once after every few days for a few minutes in order to resolve various issues with a very great ease.

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  • Go for the option of Factory Reset

In case if you have tried all the above-provided ideas and still remain failed in order to get rid of the error unfortunately package installer has stopped app permissions, you can go for choosing the option of Factory Reset. While going for using the factory reset option you should need to keep a data backup for your device so as to prevent your data loss.

A factory reset will wipe off your handset and set it back to the factory defaults. If you have picked for the backup of your entire data; you can easily restore your entire data and apps afterward. You can easily do it by going to the Settings option and then selecting the desired option for factory reset.

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Your application installer has stopped has been fixed now and you can enjoy the seamless working of all of your apps with a very great ease.


Unfortunately Package Installer has stopped is the most common problem among most of the Android users. And it makes us difficult to access various apps. We have provided the various ways of resolving the error which will enable you to make a clear exit from the error and enable you to enjoy the seamless working without making many efforts.

Package Installer Stopped Solution
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We have got a few tips to effectively solving Android Package Installer Stopped issue and never have it ever again. You can try it out one by one and see which one works the best.

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