[Fixed] Unfortunately Facebook has Stopped Problem

If you are facing, unfortunately Facebook has stopped error on your phone; then this tutorial is going to provide you a great help. You are facing this error it means that Facebook is unable to function as it should and hence has stopped working. Most of the times this problem usually arises due to the corruption of some files related to the app which affects the normal functioning of your smartphone.

We are here with the perfect solution for Facebook stopped error. But before going with the solutions; you first need to understand the various reasons behind the error. Following the step by step guide, you are surely going to find the answer to all of your queries.

How to Solve Unfortunately Facebook has Stopped Working Issue?

Before finding the perfect fix for error, you first need to look forward to the reason behind it. One of the most common reasons for the arrival of this issue is the lacking of compatibility of the application with your device. So it would always be wiser to make your device compatible with the application so that you could easily run it.

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Why does Facebook Stuttering Issue Occur on Android?

One of the most common reasons behind the error, unfortunately, Facebook has stopped 2018 are

  • Malware or virus attack
  • Corruption of Facebook files
  • Deletion of a segment of Facebook files accidentally
  • Phone operating system not supporting the advanced version of the application

Solutions for Unfortunately Facebook has Stopped Issue

It really seems to very irritating if you are continuously putting all of your efforts to enable the Facebook app on your device and not getting a success in the same. So we are here with one of the perfect solutions for your query; how to fix unfortunately Facebook has stopped to offer a relief to you from this headache. Please follow the step by step procedure of the given methods to get succeed in eliminating this annoying error from your device.

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facebook stopped issue

For Android Lollipop or lower versions

 If your Samsung handset is continuously showing error, Facebook has stopped Galaxy S or other Android handsets with the Android version Lollipop and lower please follow the given procedure to get rid of it.

  • Open the Settings option on your Android handset.
  • Choose the option of more and then move forward by clicking on the option of Application Manager from the provided list.

unfortunately stopped error

  • Once done successfully with it; now select the option of All Applications.
  • You will get a detailed list of all the available on your smartphone here; tap on the Facebook option from the list.
  • Once done; press the option of Clear Cache and Clear data.
  • Go back to your home screen again and then reboot your device in order to the proper functioning of your installed apps.

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For Android versions Marshmallow and above

 This method of removing the error, unfortunately, Facebook has stopped android 2018 works efficiently on all the latest Android versions.

  • Go to the Settings option of your Android handset followed by moving towards Applications / Application Manager.
  • Now move towards the option of All Apps and then scroll down the list of Facebook from the provided list of options.
  • Once done click on Facebook.

unfortunately facebook has stopped android error

  • If you are working on Android Marshmallow or higher version then move with the options of Facebook followed by Storage so as to open the cache and data options.
  • Once done; now tap on the option of Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • Once done now restart your android device to allow the changes added successfully

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Factory Reset

It is another one of the best solutions for resolving the issue, unfortunately, Facebook has stopped Samsung. But before going further with the process you first need to create a complete backup to your device so as to recover the data if you want.

  • Turn off your Android handset.
  • Press and hold home + Power + Volume Up keys altogether.
  • Now release the Power button you will see the logo on your home screen and keep holding home and volume up keys.
  • As soon as you will see the Android Logo leave both the buttons.

fb stopped issue

  • Use the volume down button to navigate and highlight the options wipes data/factory reset.
  • Once done with it; press the power button to select the option and then press YES option prompted for the next menu.
  • On the successful completion of the above process; reboot your system now by pressing on the related option.
  • That’s all done with the process. Your error has been successfully resolved now. Enjoy accessing your Facebook without having any issues.

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Clear System Cache

  • Turn your android handset switched off and then press and hold home + power + volume key altogether.
  • Now release the power button followed by leaving both the remaining button leave.
  • Once done use the volume down button to navigate and highlight wipe cache partition and use the power button to choose the option.
  • Once you have successfully done with it; now press the YES option to go further with the process.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete the process. Once it’s done reboot your system to avail the changes successfully add.

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The above-provided methods will hopefully work for you. You can also enhance the working capability of your smartphone by installing a perfect antivirus to it so as to reduce the chances of virus or malware attacks.


Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working is one of the most common error which you face while using Facebook on your Smartphone. The situation gets really annoying when it gets repeated time and again.

We have provided you one of the most common reasons and best methods to get rid of this annoying situation. Just need to have patience and follow the procedures given carefully to fix the issue within few minutes. But before fixing this error don’t forget to backup your phone perfectly so as to recover your data easily in case of data loss.

Facebook Stopped Fix
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  • Convenience


We are here with the perfect solution for Facebook stopped error. But before going with the solutions; you first need to understand the various reasons behind the error. Following the step by step guide, you are surely going to find the answer to all of your queries.

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