{Solved} DF Charta 01 Error Retrieving Information from the Server

Now, most of the people experience the DF Charta 01 error message from the Google play store while trying to log in with their accounts. This is one of the common issues that most people experience very often. This error message was generated for the people who use the US university-based Google accounts. The students who all are studying in the US universities, as well as the students who affiliated with the US universities, also face this error message. This problem arises mainly because of inactive with the student account for a long time.

We know that every educational institution offers the email Id based on the university-based mails such as .edu domain registered. It’s quite difficult for the students to access the Google play server with the .edu domains. It won’t allow anyone with such extension and also indicates the DF-Charta-01 Google Play Error error while retrieving the information. In case if your account has been issued by any university of organization you should need to gain authorization from them for your actions so as to have secured access.

Solve Google Play Error while Retrieving Information from the Server [DF-Charta-01]

 google play store charta error

Here, we are going to provide you two different methods of solving the error easily just by following few steps. DF-Charta-01 error is the most common error faced by Android users of different handsets such as Samsung, LG, Huawei and various others which keep you prevented from accessing the Google Play Store.

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  • Delete cache and data for Google Play Store:

It is one of the most popular methods of getting rid of the problem of DF Charta 01 error play store. It is one of the easiest ways for fixing the error in which you need to delete all of your cache memory and data stored in the Google Play Store so that to have a fresh start again.

  1. Go to the Settings option of your Android handset and then move forward with the option showing Applications.
  2. Go the option of All followed by Search for Google Play Store.
  3. Now clear all the cache memory and Clear Data in order to remove the DF Charta error Google Play Store.
  4. Follow the procedure again with the Google Play Services and also clear the cache and data for going further with the procedure.error retrieving data google play
  5. Once done with the process, go to the option of Settings followed by Applications, All and then select the option of Google Framework Services.
  6. Click on the option of Clear cache and clear data in order to permanently have DF Charta Fix error retrieving data from the server.

df charta 01 error

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Method 2: Remove Google Account and re-add it:

Removing your previous Google Account and then re-adding it is another simpler option you can easily go along with. It will refresh your Google Play Store and enables you to get easy access.

  1. Go to the option of Settings on your Android handset and then move forward with the option of Accounts.
  2. Select Google from the list of given options and then click on the option of Remove Account in order to fix DF Charta 01 error play store.google play error
  3. Select the Settings option on your Android handset followed by Accounts.
  4. Once you have done with the process re-add your Google account in the provided place along with your secured password for experience the seamless working of the Google Play Store.
  5. If you wanted you can also try with accessing Google Play Store with another account too so as to reduce the chances of any issues if any.
  6. That’s all done with the process. You can now easily enjoy accessing Google Play Store from your Android Device.

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Method 3: Activating Google Play in Administration console:

This method of fixing error DF Charta 01 is only for students account. The only thing you need to have for removing the error through this way is an Administrator account. It is well suited to be used in different educational institutions. Just follow the step by step procedure for fixing error DF Charta 01 Play Store.

  1. Go to your web browser and then make a search for the option of http://admin.google.com on your search bar.
  2. A new Window page will open up providing you a list of administrative options of Google Store.
  3. Go with the option of Add Account from the given options and then enter the details of yours as the Administrator account on the login page of the website.
  4. You can see several accounts on the login page of Google Account. Select the account which does not have @gmail.com extension and use it as your Administrator account for Google Play Store. In case if do not find any other account details on the login page of yours you can also ask for someone who has email account other than Gmail services. You are only two steps away from solving error retrieving data from the server Play Store.
  5. Once you have login as Administrator from the account activate Google Play box on your Android device by clicking on the option of Settings followed by Applications.error retrieving information from the server play store
  6. Once you have successfully done with it click on the option of Additional Google Applications and then select the option of Google Play to continue with the process.

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That’s all you are now able to use your Google Play Store without having any disturbance.


We have provided you three different ways of fixing the errors; in case your Google account has been provided by a university or company or other organizations; you need have proper authorization for your actions with the IT department or administrator of the related organization so that to resolve the issue if have any.

This error is not related to your private accounts and hence not to worry more about it. DF Charta 01 Google Play Store is one of the most common errors related to different android handsets whether it is Samsung, LG, Huawei and various others. If you are trying to access the Google Play Store and are continuously seeing the error message continuously on your screen; don’t get panic, just use the methods provided above in order to get rid of the error permanently.

DF Charta 01 Google Play Fix
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DF-Charta-01 Google Play error is a taunting one. I know you can’t install apps from the store due to the same. Here we provide you with a few quick fixes.

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